Studio Policy



Monthly: $124  for 4 weekly 30 minute lessons at my studio. Second sibling discount is $112 per month. $158 for 45 minute weekly lessons.Tuition includes two annual recitals plus additional performance opportunities. Some months have 5 weeks, and I reserve the option to not teach that week. I will notify you in advance. You are not paying for the 5th week, so if I do teach that week, it will be a free week for the student. You will not be charged extra for the months that have 5 weeks, nor will you be charged extra for recitals/performances. Monthly tuition is due beginning of the month. All lessons are pre-paid. No refunds are given. I will teach all lessons that are paid for. 

Quarterly: (for 12 lessons) $353. You save when you pre-pay for the quarter. This option is not available for 2 or more siblings per family. Families with 2 or more siblings get the sibling discount stated above.

Annual Registration/Materials Fee: $30/per student; $50/family of 2; $75/family of 3+ includes all necessary books and supplies for the lessons.

Late Payment:  Payment is due by the first week of each month. If payment is not received within the first week of the month, there will be a $5 late fee added to your tuition. All lessons are pre-paid.


Missed Lessons and Make-Ups

Only one missed lesson will be made up per month. Any lesson that is missed due to me canceling will be made up, unless it falls within a month with 5 weeks and I have notified you in advance that I will be taking that day off, or I am sick.


Summer Months/Holidays/Vacation

I teach year-round; however, if you prefer to take a break, please notify me. A deposit of $50.00 will be required to hold your time slot and will be applied toward the returning month’s tuition. Holidays and vacation weeks are included in monthly tuition price. Holidays I do not teach include: the week before Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas break (two weeks). I will notify you in advance of my vacation week, and will appreciate advanced notice of your vacation plans as well.



Music is a language, and like any language, there are many basics to be mastered before advancing to the more complex pieces of music. No two students are alike, and everyone learns at different rates of speed. I cater to your child and will find the best way to encourage them to learn. Playing the piano is fun, but also involves work. A beginning pianist will need to practice 10-15 minutes a day and this should increase as the student progresses. Parental support is crucial for the student to succeed. Children whose parents take an active role in their child’s progress tend to be more excited and productive.  At the end of the lesson, I will always give you an update as to the progress your child is making and any areas that need extra attention for the week. Music is not easy, and can become frustrating at times. With commitment to learning piano, comes the decision to practice on a regular basis. With practice, you will definitely see improvement! Learning music helps build your child’s self-confidence, helps improve their focus and attention, enhances coordination and teaches discipline.